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hi, we Are RYLEY.


RYLEY is activewear made of recycled waste.

Our philosophy is centred around sustainability, function and design, using recycled waste materials and eco-friendly processes. The core of our design starts with a responsibility and a conscious approach, with a garment’s end of life in mind, so that it may be repurposed. Our garments are locally made in a factory in East London with materials thoughtfully sourced from recycled threads and zips to biodegradable packaging. To minimise our textile waste, we also offer a Repair/Recycle service in hopes of creating a more circular economy. Our vision is to drive positive change by promoting environmental awareness and an active lifestyle.

With the resolution to build a brand with purpose and meaning, RYLEY was born with the name signifying courage and determination.
Inspired by women and made for the resolute - the admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.



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The focus of our collection is on recycled waste materials.

An alternative line of sustainable fabrics were sourced and selected for their eco credentials, high quality, functional performance, moisture management and soft comfortable feel. These include fabrics made of 100% pre-consumer recycled nylon from industrial wastage and polyester made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Our fabrics are made and dyed in a leading innovative mill in Italy certified by Bluesign®, chosen for being deeply oriented towards an awareness and respect for nature.



By opting for recycled materials, it reduces raw material and energy consumption, waste generation, air emissions, and the handling of hazardous chemical compounds, with zero water waste due to closed loop systems.

Our main fabric and lining are made from 100% recycled nylon and elastane, out of industrial waste. These are certified by GRS Global Recycle Standards. The mechanical process of recycling industrial nylon wastage reduces 53% of CO2 emissions.


Eco-friendly Dyeing

Our fabrics are piece dyed, so they ensure color fastness and fade resistance. With the Bluesign accreditation, our fabric manufacturer is committed to managing waste responsibly and being as energy efficient as possible. The water used is fully depurated without involving chemical substances, which means that the water leaving the dyeing department can be entirely recycled in agriculture.



Manufacturing new products from recycled PET saves approximately 50% of energy. It also reduces CO2 emissions.

For our printed fabrics, we use polyester made from recycled PET plastic bottles. These bottles are ground into chips which get extruded into recycled polyester fibre. Thanks to solution dyeing during the spinning process, it ensures very low water and energy consumption.


Sublimation PRINTING

We use sublimation printing because it is a waterless, eco-friendly method that provides long lasting colour and vibrancy. This process is better for the environment as it involves minimal wastage and no dyes get into the water system compared to other dyeing processes.



As our fabrics pass through our supply chain, we always ask that any fabric offcuts, scraps and remnants be kept and returned back to us. Rather than discarding these, we store them to be re-used in the sampling development process whenever possible. Any leftover fabric scraps will be kept as we intend to use these for our up-cycling project in the future. This would involve making new products out of our waste. More info will be disclosed at a later date. Stay tuned !


Other materials

We still use a very small percentage of raw materials that are not yet readily available in recycled content. However, these components are purposefully used for the design, function or durability aspect of the garment.

We still try our best - such as sourcing 100% recycled PET threads and zips.




Wearing and maintaining a garment for a long time is a good way to reduce its environmental impact. If your garment gets damaged, we may be able to help you fix them with our Repair service. Alternatively rather than dispose of them, we encourage you to return them back to us to be recycled! As a token of thanks, you will be given a 10% off your next purchase. Click here for more details.

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Biodegradable Packaging

We use recyclable tissue paper that is completely acid free and FSC Certified with our branded logo printed using soy-based ink that is made from soybeans. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is more environmentally friendly and makes it easy to recycle. All orders are then packed in biodegradable and 100% compostable mailing bags, made out of cornstarch. That means you can just throw them in with your food scraps and garden waste. If you cut the package open at the dotted line, they can also be re-used.